How To Make A Fiberglass Seat Pan

Submitted by: The Great White Knight

Fiberglass seat pan materials list:

 1. We start with 3M Paint Tape to protect paint.


 2. Use cardboard to cover holes and to make the bottom smooth.


 3. Tape as much as possible to protect paint.


 4. Now use A/C aluminum tape. 


 5. Tape over first tape carefully.



6. If the bike is painted cover the bike with plastic.

Be safe - not sorry.

Wrap as much as possible to protect from resin splatter.


7. Put on gloves and wax area with mold to release wax.

Or with WD40

Or car wax in a pinch.

You need about 3 or 4 coats.

You know "Wax On - Wax Off" technique.


8. Oil every nook and cranny to make removal easy.



9. Next: Cut your fiberglass mat for your layers ahead of time, a little larger than needed. It may be easier to use small pieces shredded by hand about 5" square. You can always add a piece if you are short in an area.




10. With gloves, mask and eyewear on; mix your resin according to directions and the weather. Use your brush to spread on a coat of resin.




11. Take your first layer of fiberglass mat and start putting it down with your brush.

Use only enough resin to soak fiberglass.

Use the brush to push excess resin and air bubbles out towards sides.

More resin does not make the pan stronger.



12. Try to get it in every area and as even as possible.

You need at least 3 to 4 
layers of mat.




13. You can do 2 layers. Now let it dry over night.




14. Use thick gloves and grab an end. Pull up carefully off aluminum tap.




15. Apply next 2 layers on a table or bench. Now let it dry over night.




16. Next day mark where you want to trim.

Use a Sharpie.




17. It is always easiest to start with a center mark when you start to trim. You can use an air saw or a band saw or even a cut-off wheel to trim your pan.




18. Trim and reinstall several times so you get just the shape you want.




19. Check the fit and try to get the pan as symmetrical as possible.

Sand all edges when you are happy with the shape.




20. There you go.

You are done!